Helvetica is ubiquitous because it works so well. But wait, There is more. Not just Helvetica, If you are in doubt, you can also try these fonts that will fit in any type of projects. So lets get in.


Sidenote : You can also check some Retro Vintage Fonts here. Its created by Mark Simonson. The result is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance.

Europa is a modern sans serif typeface combining geometric reduction and humanistic vitality. Its name refers to the inspirational origins and main influences, two popular European typefaces: the geometrical sans serif Futura and the humanistic sans serif Gill Sans.

Brandon Grotesque has a functional look with a warm touch. While the thin and the black weights are great performers in display sizes the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts.

The small x-height and the restrained forms lend it a distinctive elegance. These nuances aid in legibility and give Avenir a harmonious and sensible appearance for both texts and headlines. Roboto is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface family developed by Google as the system font for its Android operating system.

The font is licensed under the Apache license. The entire font family was officially made available for free download on January 12,on the newly launched Android Design website.

It also includes condensed styles in Light, Regular and Bold, also with matching oblique designs. Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface, designed by Matt McInerney in a single thin weight. John Baskerville spared no effort to create the ultimate typographic book. He prepared deep black inks and smoothed paper to show to full effect the letters that he had John Handy cut from his own brilliant designs, based on a lifetime of calligraphy and stonecutting.

Retro\ Fonts

Punches and matrices survive at the Cambridge University Press. Merriweather was designed to be a text face that is pleasant to read on screens. Designed by Eben Sorkin, Merriweather features a very large x height, slightly condensed letterforms, a mild diagonal stress, sturdy serifs and open forms.

Crimson Text is a font family for book production in the tradition of beautiful oldstyle typefaces. There are a lot of great free fonts around, but one kind is missing: those Garamond-inspired types with all the little niceties like oldstyle figures, small caps, fleurons, math characters and the like. We will update this post once we get more informations on other fonts. If you have any suggestions, Please let us know in the comments. I design and develop creative websites, landing pages, and applications for startups and enterprises.

Share Tweet.There are many different types of fonts offered in Canva for free. Canva is a free tool that anyone can use as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Canva has one million stock photos and text options you can choose from. Additionally, you can get a more custom design by importing your own images from your documents to create more tailored content. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

Short words look great when contrasted against the other words in bold. This is because the is in bold and upper case. Though we use different fonts here, you don't have to use different fonts. You can get the same effect by using different versions of the same font with uppercase, lowercase, bold, and italic.

Use the text box to insert text over an image. You can click on the text to change the font. Select the text box and a popup will appear with an arrow to the right side. Click the arrow and a menu will present many different options to choose from.

Choose a couple of fonts.

canva retro fonts

You can use one font with multiple variations if you want to only use one font. Try not to use more than one or two fonts. To pair your fonts, find a good balance of contrast between the two. In this case, we use Aileron Heavy in all uppercase caps and in bold. This contrasts well next to the bold lowercase font. Try to use a little juxtaposition in your fonts without going overboard. Use fonts that offer lines to draw attention to your fonts. In Canva lines folder, find a line that you like and simply click the line to drop it on to your image.

This will add a certain focus that enables legibility of the words. Sans Serifs fonts offer strong geometric lines. More by the author:. I build AI that is used to do everything from moderate comments, to find off label uses for FDA approved drugs to treat children with cancer, to tracking down human traffickers. Add Teacher Note.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Beginning Leatherworking Class 19, Enrolled.High-quality free fonts are hard to find — especially when it comes to retro and vintage fonts.

Grab five of our most popular retro fonts for free. Fonts are packaged in one easy to download ZIP file. Includes OTF files, license, and we'll even send you some more free retro fonts and resources for the next few days after you sign up.

canva retro fonts

Click here to grab your five FREE retro fonts. Palm Canyon Drive is a popular monoline script inspired by retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, Tikki bars and Hollywood. Click here to get the trial version of Palm Canyon Drive. You can download six free retro fonts from the fantastic Zing Rust family, designed by Fontfabric.

It works particularly well for vintage logos. Seattle-based art director and designer James Lafuente crafted Parker, an all-caps vintage-style custom typeface that works particularly well for vintage logos, posters, T-shirts and more. Designed by Bulgaria-based Borislav Petrov, the font features clean lines and distinctive angles that give a nod to constructivism.

This free retro font has no closed endings. It was designed by Hans Renzler, an art director in Vienna, Austria, and a free display version - Lovelo free font — can be downloaded from Font Fabric in three styles.

The free geometric sans serif consists of a basic Latin alphabet, numerals, punctuation and an extended Latin alphabet too. According to Brazil-based graphic designer Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior, Ailerons was inspired by aircraft models from the 40s. With a clean, stylish, retro vibe, and an unusual mix of sharp and rounded edges, the font was created for an experimental design project and is now available for personal use. This geometric all-caps font from Madrid-based designer Ion Lucin comes in two versions: bold and ultra light.

In tandem, the pair provide an eye-catching contrast that could be applied to stunning effect in all kinds of retro and vintage projects. Okay, technically this font costs five buck. Mats-Peter Forss created Hello Stockholm, a fun, modern brushed script font with a vintage twist. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, it features upper and lowercase characters, is suited to a wide variety of designs - from wedding invitations, to posters, apparel and more.

Buenos Aires-based font designer created Obake, a free font that works well for headlines. A textured, condensed sans serif with a retro drop shadow, Obake will bring an aged feel to your designs. The free fonts cover the Western and Central European character set, and come for desktop and web. Inspired by the utilitarian clarity of Swiss type design, Supria Sans is a versatile workhorse of a font — and you can get the regular and regular italic weights for free.

Perfect for headlines and large display type, this retro-inspired slab serif has a modern twist. It was created by designer Kady Jesko and is free for both commercial and personal use, but a donation would be appreciated.

Designer Jeremy Vassey created this free condensed font, Cast Iron. Its geometric structure and industrial aesthetic make it ideal for high-impact logos or headlines, and the sans serif is also free for commercial use. Add a touch of elegance to your retro designs or illustrations with free, geometric, sans serif font Noir, created by Switzerland-based designer Matthias Guggisberg. Duwhoers is a modern brush font with a vintage handmade feel.

All eight beveled styles are completely free.Vintage style designing is pretty popular in web and print designing. For designing retro style designs, you need good retro style fonts. Today we are showcasing some great free retro fonts here. Retro design is a category in graphic designing, it is famous for its old style detailing.

If you observe retro designs you can see there is nothing glossy and sharp. Most of the designs are inspired by old age posters.

Retro design usually uses faded color schemes to get the vintage look and feel. Vintage shapes, borders, textures and ornamental elements are a vital part of any retro designs. Retro fonts are popular as they blend information to the design well.

These fonts used to pass the information to the design within the same design pattern. Most of the retro fonts designed for headings or larger text size, they are not good at small sizes. Today in this post we have collected some great free retro or vintage font for our readers. You can see the list of fonts below.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Free Fonts. Last updated Mar 5,Ropstone Typeface with Envato Elements subscription Download. Carosello with Envato Elements subscription Download. Roadhouse blues font with Envato Elements subscription Download. Antone with Envato Elements subscription Download.

canva retro fonts

Typrighter with Envato Elements subscription Download. Silk Remington with Envato Elements subscription Download.Are you planning to create your own wedding invitations but are not sure which fonts to use?

1960s Fonts

I am sharing some free resources for both FREE fonts and vectors that you can use on your rustic or vintage-inspired wedding invitations. We created our own invitations on a budget and I have several posts explaining the process, and even share my FREE wedding invitation template here. You can view the additional posts in the series via the links at the bottom of this post.

Vector files can essentially be edited and scaled without losing quality vs. Just FYI if you plan to design your own invites using the vectors I mention below, you will need vector-based software such as Adobe Illustrator to open and edit vector files.

Or you can purchase the Editable PDF templates from my shop. Of course, there are also tons of really great images and vector files that you can purchase. However, I decided to go the super-duper cheap frugal way. Be sure to check out the links to each FREE font below the photo, or you can use the image as a reference. Here is a photo showing what free vector files I used and where.

I also have links to each vector set below the photo. Janda Stylish Script. Just Skinny. Simon Script. Grutch Shaded. A Song for Jennifer. Things We Said. Abraham Lincoln. Vintage Frame and Label Vectors via Vecteezy. Calligraphy Ornament Vector Pack via Freepic. You may notice when trying to download some of these files that the download buttons can be tricky to find. I hope you found this post at least a little useful.

If all else I hope that by seeing these you are encouraged and inspired to make your own wedding invitations! I have Windows 8. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! The vector files will need to be opened with a vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator.

You could download the free 30 day trial of illustrator from their site, or you can always check out my free template or additional DIY templates in my shop. I love your template so much! I am personalizing it right now but wonder what colourcode you used for the green characters and vectors? I hope you can help me. Hi, Katie! Your card designs and your tutorials are so adorable! Thank you so much for such a great lessons here. Many thanks for a wonderful wedding invite template.

Can you double check?Pairing fonts can be tricky and frustrating, especially when you have limited choice of fonts and Canva HAS limited number of fonts. So, when it comes to pairing fonts in Canva we have to really work with what we have got here, especially if you are using the free version of Canva.

Still this list should be a good starting point for getting things off the ground. I have used the same techniques in creating these pair which I have described in the post — how to create perfect font combinations.

Bebas Kai which is not available on Canva is another free to use font which is derived from Bebas Neue. You can also, go with the classic serif and sans serif combination and pair it with a simple sans serif like Open Sans. As the name suggests Playfair Display is a display font which is well suited for titles and headings. It attracts a lot of attention. Pairing it with a modest serif font like Vollkorn really helps to elevate its style making the whole look polished and refined.

This font grabs a lot of attention so to create a good pair, it needs to be combined with a sans serif with a clean structure like Aileron Thin. Sifonn is bold, so pair it with a thin sans serif like Montserrat Hairline and you have a winning combination.

Use it for headlines to grab attention and the elegant Noto Serif really suits well as paragraph font. While you can go with the traditional combination of serif and sans serif here but if you really want to elevate this look on your social media graphics you can pair it with a luxurious script like Parisienne.

Sports Fonts

More on Typography: How to create the perfect font combinations The complete guide to picking the right fonts for your brand. Thank you for this. Bookmarking this for future use. This is great! I love all the combinations. Thank you so much for this. I have not a single design bone in my body so pairing scripts was taking forever. I am not quite good at designing and always end up using Open Sans on all my pins. I loved this post! How do you do it? Hi Priya! I love these font pairings.

I used a couple of them on my pins. Awesome, thanks a lot, Priya! I will definitely try those ones! Arlene From Pennies to Plenty. September 23, at pm. July 20, at pm. Shafi Khan. June 9, at pm. May 7, at pm. May 11, at am.The groovy appeal, as well as the colorful aesthetic of retro fonts, have the power to take us back in time in a matter of seconds. Retro script fonts are all about history, bringing the audience back to the 80s or 70s when they used to be all the rage.

A70s font will never dissapoint the retro enthusiasts. Retro letters are cool again and will help your content stand out. A classic 80s retro font, Curious Type has that groovy, funky vibe that is colorful, playful, and definitely interesting. Its curvy edges blend in perfectly with the subtle shadows, managing to put together a psychedelic look that is both classy and elegant.

Luckily, it comes equipped with numerals, punctuations, multilingual characters, and stylistic alternates so you can personalize it however you see fit. Image Source Download at Behance. It has five-weight typefaces, but only four of them come with the maze-like feature. Created by Andreas Leonidou, this font would look amazing on anything, from music vinyl to posters or business cards.

Boasting seven versions, the Antone font is the result of a mix of boldness, strength, and roughness. Designed by Letterhand, this retro wave font is authentic, and most importantly, free for personal use.

The lovely, groovy brush-like font is an excellent fit for wedding invites, logos, or quotes. It could also pass as a vintage font, but the retro feel cannot be ignored. You can almost picture it on a beautiful banner or poster, looking all fancy and impressive. With its distinctive lines, the Antone font screams authenticity and style. Inspired by the classic geometric typefaces from the last century, the Berlin font delivers four versions, each coming in three different weights: regular, bold, and X-bold.

It would be great as a logo since its elegant and sleek lines are bound to make an impression. This groovy retro font is probably one of the most representative ones, especially if you take into account its use in the image above.

It blends in perfectly with the colorful background, and it almost looks like a piece of art by itself. Image Source Download at Pixel Buddha. Reminiscent of art deco and lazy days at the beach, the gorgeous Camar font is a sans-serif typeface that was created and shared by DonMarciano. It has a classy and timeless feel to it, which makes it one of the best retro fonts in this top.

The chubby, but sharp lettering might seem like a contradiction at first, but the result is uniquely classy and memorable.

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