It covers most of the major subsystems of WPF, and describes how they interact. It also details some of the choices made by the architects of WPF.

The primary WPF programming model is exposed through managed code. Early in the design phase of WPF there were a number of debates about where the line should be drawn between the managed components of the system and the unmanaged ones.

The CLR provides a number of features that make development more productive and robust including memory management, error handling, common type system, etc. The major components of WPF are illustrated in the figure below. Of these, only one is an unmanaged component — milcore.

Milcore is written in unmanaged code in order to enable tight integration with DirectX. All display in WPF is done through the DirectX engine, allowing for efficient hardware and software rendering. WPF also required fine control over memory and execution. The composition engine in milcore is extremely performance sensitive, and required giving up many advantages of the CLR to gain performance. Communication between the managed and unmanaged portions of WPF is discussed later in this topic.

The remainder of the managed programming model is described below. Most objects in WPF derive from DispatcherObjectwhich provides the basic constructs for dealing with concurrency and threading.

WPF is based on a messaging system implemented by the dispatcher. This works much like the familiar Win32 message pump; in fact, the WPF dispatcher uses User32 messages for performing cross thread calls. There are really two core concepts to understand when discussing concurrency in WPF — the dispatcher and thread affinity.

During the design phase of WPF, the goal was to move to a single thread of execution, but a non-thread "affinitized" model. Thread affinity happens when a component uses the identity of the executing thread to store some type of state. The most common form of this is to use the thread local store TLS to store state. Thread affinity requires that each logical thread of execution be owned by only one physical thread in the operating system, which can become memory intensive.

The primary reason for this was interoperability — systems like OLE 2. Given that you have objects with STA threading, you need a way to communicate between threads, and validate that you are on the correct thread. Herein lies the role of the dispatcher. The dispatcher is a basic message dispatching system, with multiple prioritized queues. Examples of messages include raw input notifications mouse movedframework functions layoutor user commands execute this method.Account Options Sign in.

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List Klasa

W witrynie Amazon.Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index. Dostarcza metody do wyszukiwania, sortowania i manipulowania listami. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists. The type of elements in the list.

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The parameterless constructor is used to create a list of strings with the default capacity. The Capacity property is displayed and then the Add method is used to add several items. The items are listed, and the Capacity property is displayed again, along with the Count property, to show that the capacity has been increased as needed.

The Contains method is used to test for the presence of an item in the list, the Insert method is used to insert a new item in the middle of the list, and the contents of the list are displayed again. The default Item[] property the indexer in C is used to retrieve an item, the Remove method is used to remove the first instance of the duplicate item added earlier, and the contents are displayed again.

The Remove method always removes the first instance it encounters. The TrimExcess method is used to reduce the capacity to match the count, and the Capacity and Count properties are displayed.

If the unused capacity had been less than 10 percent of total capacity, the list would not have been resized. Finally, the Clear method is used to remove all items from the list, and the Capacity and Count properties are displayed.

The default equality comparer for type T is determined as follows. Equals Object. Methods such as BinarySearch and Sort use an ordering comparer for the list elements. The default comparer for type T is determined as follows.

If type T implements neither interface, then there is no default comparer, and a comparer or comparison delegate must be provided explicitly. Elements in this collection can be accessed using an integer index.

Indexes in this collection are zero-based.Describes the minimum security permissions required for the application to run on the client computer. The trustInfo element is required and is in the asm. It has no attributes and contains the following elements. This element is a child of the trustInfo element. It contains the applicationRequestMinimum element and has no attributes.

This element is a child of the security element and contains the PermissionSetassemblyRequestand defaultAssemblyRequest elements. This element has no attributes. This element is a child of the applicationRequestMinimum element and contains the IPermission element.

This element has the following attributes. Identifies the permission set. This attribute can be any value. Identifies the version of the permission. Normally this value is 1. This element is a child of the PermissionSet element. NET Framework. The IPermission element fully identifies a permission class in the. The IPermission element has the following attributes, but can have additional attributes that correspond to properties on the permission class. To find out the syntax for a specific permission, see the examples listed in the Security.

Identifies the permission class by strong name. For example, the following code identifies the FileDialogPermission type. Usually this value is 1. Identifies whether the application needs an unrestricted grant of this permission. If truethe permission grant is unconditional. If falseor if this attribute is undefined, it is restricted according to the permission-specific attributes defined on the IPermission tag.

Identifies the set of permissions granted to all assemblies. This element is a child of the applicationRequestMinimum element and has the following attribute. Identifies the ID of the permission set that is the default permission. The permission set is declared in the PermissionSet element. Identifies permissions for a specific assembly. This element is a child of the applicationRequestMinimum element and has the following attributes.

Identifies the assembly name. Identifies the ID of the permission set that this assembly requires. This element is a child of the security element and contains the requestedExecutionLevel element.Tylko modele. Zobacz str. Powoduje przyciemnienie.

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Mac OS X 1.

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