A couple of times annually, staff are encouraged to form self-selected self-named and self organising teams, selecting a pet project to work on and hopefully complete for two weeks. So I thought it might again be time to let you in on some of the things that our teams are racing on. Depending on the team, there are projects that community members would notice and those you would not. Envato engineers are always very keen to see their work form a developer community contribution. Hack Fort is a great time to be giving back in that way.

Having others contribute to our work invariably makes it better too. The Stack Masters are sharing too. The Style Guides team some teams opt for a less outlandish name! Email to the People wants to make it easier to identify and contact specific groups of Market users, when only those people need to know. For testing their features and making them available, our developers rely on a custom toolbar they built themselves. The Stealth Mountain team are giving that an revamp. As the site is externally hosted it is able to provide up-to-date and accurate site analytics even during down time.

Data available to you includes Availability of Envato. We are putting the finishing touches to part twothe review queue waiting times. It would be too cool just to have just a bit of a clue.

Add review queue times to the API?

envato account hack

I cannot make any promises, though. The status, review and sales data projects in particular seem to have struck a chord. Our teams are done with their Hack Fort projects now.

Confirm your email

In its current form this will place a huge additional load on the API. A quick way to avoid this may be to create a new versions. This can be cached and would greatly reduce load on the API. If any of the hack teams are wrapping up maybe they can take a stab at this? The Envato Market plugin is getting close to release. Hi Everyone. A trial service for buying and selling jingles by The Jingles Look out for their posts in Envato Announcements!

Finally, here are some projects you might never know about, unless you read about it here! Hope you see something that gets you excited, or at least gets you thinking! Translating Envato Market.

An alternative VideoHive search result page. Top selling countries displayed on the Earnings page. Earnings page stopped updating.This is where the fun begins. You'll find here all the documentation, from basic information to the how-tos and the beloved lines of code. That's all you need to start playing around with our API, unlock the superpowers, release the kraken, hack away. See up there, where we say "Computers talking to computers"?

The acronym stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of procedures and functions that will allow you to do so. This could be a mobile app, a website, or any single service that allows users to access Envato Market's resources.

Discovering content. You can access all resources available on Envato Market, including: The item and comment search feature, with all of our new facets and filtering options; Details on authors and their items; Public collections as well as your private ones. Account information.

This includes: Your account details, including your balance; Your purchases: you'll be able download the items you've recently bought; Your sales: including verifying purchase codes of items you've sold. Want to see some of the apps that our community has already created? Have a lookbe amazed! You surely hate nasty annoying bots just as much as we do. So you'll understand why we ask you to register every app you create - we want to make sure that our API is only used to build awesome products for our community.

It won't take long anyway. We'll ask you to provide a few details including the name and a description of your app, as well as the permissions that the user will need to grant in order to use it. To use the API, you'll need to agree to our API Service Terms and Conditions - we promise that they're friendly and easy to read, so make sure you look them over before you register.

Once you've registered your app and got us super excited because we can't wait to see what you're creating thereyou'll get an application key. It's a unique code that allows you to connect with our API. You can always find all your registered applications in the "Manage your apps" page.

Remember to keep the key secret - you don't want other people to use the API on your behalf! If you're not going to build an app that requires useres to log in, and want to access the API directly yourself, you can simply create a personal token. With the old API, authentication was a bit of a pain. Not anymore!Photo taken by John Maramas.

Some people even decide to make a living by doing something like this, as they can go on to sell digital downloads of these files on their very own business website.

The possibilities are endless. This giant shopping mall has 7 outlets, and the first two on this list are definitely its most popular places on the internet. This is where you can shop for pretty much any kind of digital products and assets.

Using this versus hiring a web designer is like buying fast food instead of hiring a personal chef. Visit ThemeForest: Looking at its live preview is the best way to get a feel for the theme.

Most would probably skim through the wall of text that is the product page, which is usually an infographic of features, author details, testimonials or change log. Occasionally, real websites made by people using their theme are featured on their product page, which is pretty cool. Sura β€” Your own Spotify or Beatport?

Wild Community β€” A kind of Reddit with forums and interest groups 3. Decibel β€” For a band to rule the internet 4. Lucielle β€” Perfect for the solo classical artist 5. Wave β€” Live radio like Monstercat 6. Tana Magazine β€” Like Billboard news 7. This Way β€” Video portfolio in one page, great for artists that love fashion 8. VICE β€” Very fancy, futuristic look for labels 9. Melody β€” For a Music School?

envato account hack

Ask yourself β€” what exactly am I looking for? Travel CodeCanyon : This shop is full of plugins to optimise your website. Still, when it comes to premium plugins CodeCanyon has quite the collection.

envato account hack

A good number of sellers who create website themes in ThemeForest have plugins licensed from here too. Ask yourself β€” what do I really need? Mailster β€” Newsletter like a MailChimp 4. Ninja β€” Fancy Popups like Sumo 5. Ultimate Affiliate Pro β€” Attract and manage affiliates 6. Events Calendar β€” Speaks for itself 8. Bookly β€” For appointment booking? Snow β€” Make snow effects on your website for Christmas?

The best thing about buying plugins here is the upfront pricing. A lot of plugins from the WordPress store are usually free to download, pay for premium features. Over at CodeCanyon, you pretty much get what you pay for β€” including all the features listed in the infographic.Last Updated on January 16th, Good News!!! This means you can access some of the best Premium WordPress themes, CodeCanyon file, After Effects Project etc in the world, straight from the Envato catalogue and use them for your next Digital Product and Web Project without having to pay a dime.

This theme is an online store for your softwares, design works, fonts, photos, video, audio, e-books and even website template, you name it. Kora is a feature rich Creative Portfolio template which is ideal for Agencies, Creatives, Freelancers, Photographers and other personnel involved in the design scene.

The essence of Kora is simplicity and minimalism. While designing Kora, one thing I followed was not to add anything which is not necessary, and hence the simple interface before you. With good design features, Kora also comes with varieties for we know the value of uniqueness and the desire to present your cool work in clutter less yet effective manner. Kora comes with 8 Homepages all of which are designed to give you the options you might not miss while presenting yourself to the world.

For blog lovers, Kora has it all for you to write, express and publish the way you like. There are 3 multiple article pages and two single article pages, with and without sidebar. Due to its intuitive interface and flexible Visual Composer Page Builder, it is easy-to-modify and enjoyable-to-use.

With our Advanced Theme Options you can fully customize the theme to match any branding and any purpose your Beauty Business might have. With its elegant and fully responsive design, Cinderella will make a perfect solution for your Beauty Business Web-presence! There are two layouts available in Autoclub: light grey and white home page layout, full width with no borders, full page style classic view with slidebars and other modifications. With just a few clicks, all without any code ,it is fast and easy to create Android apps Now!

There are two pages where you just throw a bunch of information. Epicness this is powerful orchestral epic track with inspirational, motivational and heroic mood. This clean, modern and professional resume template is designed to help you stand out and get noticed. Easy to edit and customise, BOLD Resume includes a one page resume design, cover letter and portfolio templates. Choose for three different header designs, each simple to customize.

Choose from two colour or single colour designs colours are editable. The templates are clearly organised and labelled so you can quickly add your own information.

Clear instructions are included and we also offer email support.At Envato, we understand security and privacy is important because we are in it for the community. Our Helpful Hacker program allows our community to report product vulnerabilities to Envato. We operate the program based on the following principles:. If you believe you have found a general security vulnerability in an Envato product you can use this form to report the vulnerability to us.

We will confirm receipt and follow up with verification and target date for full disclosure following resolution. For security issues related to your personal account you should contact our friendly Help Team. Whilst investigating potential vulnerabilities, you must not :. If in doubt, get in touch first!

Envato Product Security

Included in scope are any products or services that reside under the following domains that are owned by Envato:. This program does not offer bounties or rewards, financial or otherwise. While not extensive, this list provides some examples of what we are classing as a security vulnerability and will award to Helpful Hackers. If you are ever unsure about whether the vulnerability you are testing is questionable or may fall into the non-qualifying category, please get in touch with us for guidance.

Security and privacy at Envato starts with our values. We operate the program based on the following principles: Reported issues will be prioritized based on impact on our community, not based on financial incentives.

Envato Market Is Hack

Swift resolution based on impact on our community, aiming for less than 72 hours after the report has been made. Reported issues will be disclosed by Envato to the community shortly after resolution of the problem. Responsible disclosuremeaning that you give us a fair go in order to resolve the issue before the vulnerability is disclosed to the community. This helps us protect the security and privacy of our community. Reporting a vulnerability If you believe you have found a general security vulnerability in an Envato product you can use this form to report the vulnerability to us.

envato account hack

Rules Whilst investigating potential vulnerabilities, you must not : Test against any service that isn't owned by Envato. Cause disruption to the availability of any Envato services. Attempt to gain access to another user's data or information. Impact other users with your testing. Attempt non-technical attacks such as social engineering or physical attacks against employees or infrastructure.

Pivot your approach from one vulnerability to another in order to escalate your access. Share sensitive information exposed during the course of finding a vulnerability. Violate any laws. Qualifying vulnerabilities While not extensive, this list provides some examples of what we are classing as a security vulnerability and will award to Helpful Hackers. Authentication or authorization flaws Cross-site scripting Cross-site request forgery Server-side code execution bugs Ability to view another user's personal or sensitive data Remote code execution SQL injection Bypassing of security controls or boundaries Non-qualifying vulnerabilities You are not the first person to identify the vulnerability.

While we endeavor to address and disclose security reports in a timely manner, it may occur that multiple reports come in for the same issue, in which case we will only award the initial reporter.

We recommend contacting them and reviewing if they have a bug bounty program before engaging in any testing.Envato Market is a collection of themed marketplaces, where creatives sell digital assets to help bring your ideas to life. Buy anything from Photoshop actions and video footage to advanced WordPress themes and plugins. Envato Elements is your ultimate creative asset subscription. Everything you need for your next project at one low price.

Our selection of design makers mean no design skills or software is required to create professional results. Learn the basics or brush up on your professional skills with expert instructors in codedesignphotographybusinessvideo and more.

Envato Studio is a freelance marketplace for custom creative and technical services. From small jobs to large projects, services include logo designWordPress theme installationcontent writingvideo productionapp development and more.

Make the most out of your one website listed on Instagram and create a new website right now on your phone! Milkshake allows you to link and customise your products all on one page. Watch this space! Envato Sites is a website builder that lets you start with a finished website. Supplied by Envato's leading community of website builders, choose a site that suits your business needs, add a few assets and you're done. No coding or design knowledge required. Mixkit is a gallery of extraordinary HD videos and beautiful art, with all content licensed for free.

Explore the growing gallery of high-quality videos and art to download and use in your commercial or personal projects. Start by exploring hundreds of curated collections of amazing images. Envato is both a pioneer in creative and web development education, and a one-stop shop for millions of designers needing a range of digital assets, from stock multimedia, to web templates, and even snippets of code. Envato is proudly based in Melbourne, Australia, but our people and community live and work from all over the world.

We believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow. We believe people deserve to earn a living doing what they love. We believe in making it easy to get things done. The ultimate subscription.

Buy and sell. Individual digital assets. Go to Envato Market. Do it yourself.Now, I would give a refund no questions asked after I received this but there are some things that dont match here…. Anyone received similar refund requests?

API Documentation

What shall I do? Hello, the same has just happened to me. I did not even answer because I immediately imagined it was a scam. If you have any proof that could backup the fact that your account was hacked, please contact envato support and they will review your information.

Refund request was sent just a few minutes after the purchase which is unlikely if the account was hacked. I am having same problem with same message.

I created another topic. Hope envato will review mine too. Someone bought and requested a refund as his account was hacked. Same tone of message as this post Refund - Account hacked?

It is unlikely that it seemed legit. I will not approve the refund request unless proven and supported, or Envato intervenes of the right process. It is saddened to have such experience, to be hacked, but it is much of a despair if deceitful actions are tolerated. About 30 minutes later, the same account requested for a refund that the item was bought by another person. In his statement, he said the person hacked his envato account and used his credit card to order it.

Now, I have 4 problems with this. First, envato authority already refunded the money to him without my consent. Lastly, how was it possible for his envato account to get compromised, because I believe this site is safe.

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