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hypnotic sounds

Production genre. Content provider. Advanced search. Results: Page of Page 1 of Creepy Hollow Voranski. A low drone and subtle, eerie sounds and wails open a door on a crime in progress, a creepy flashback or a dangerous alien world. An edgy, hypnotic and haunting track that creates a lot of tension keeping a fairly constant intensity. Slithering LynneMusic. Eerie and creepy track featuring slide guitar and electronics. Mystical and brooding.

Rhythmic noises, bells, sound effects and synths produce unique incidental music. Intriguing Alex Khaskin. Data Stream LynneMusic. A mid-tempo percussive electro synth riff is looped over a chugging bass line and breaks down into an otherworldly, ambient harp-scape. Harsh Reality Alex Khaskin. A sinister, eerie atmosphere is created by dark synth sounds with harsh drums in this long loop.

Rough Water Ilya Kaplan. Worry and anxiety is the vibe of this slow modrnt ambient track. Old Prophecy LynneMusic. Ancient soundscape with some oriental influences, especially the Tibetan tuvan monk singing, typical from Nepal. Great for history documentaries and specials. Also for fantasy and sci-fi. Prayer Alex Khaskin. A sense of something secret, ancient, unknown, under the surface. One in 17 parts of drama underscore music providing the backdrop for suspense, pensive action, sometimes dark fused with sound effects of bell tolls, haunting pads, jailhouse door slams to complete the scene.However, from Mesmer's use of the glass armonica to the supposed dangers of subliminal messages in heavy metal, the idea that music can overwhelm listeners' self-control has been a recurrent theme.

In particular, the concepts of automatic response and conditioned reflex have been the basis for a model of physiological psychology in which the self has been depicted as vulnerable to external stimuli such as music.

This article will examine the discourse of hypnotic music from animal magnetism and the experimental hypnosis of the nineteenth century to the brainwashing panics since the Cold War, looking at the relationship between concerns about hypnotic music and the politics of the self and sexuality.

Because of the direct physical character of hearing and the fact that one cannot close one's ears, music has long provoked anxieties about personal autonomy. The modern mostly non-supernatural discussion of music as a hypnotic force goes back to the late eighteenth century, when the context shifted, in Henri Ellenberger's words, from possession and exorcism to dynamic psychiatry.

These associations with sensuality and a loss of self were to become constant themes in the debate on hypnotic music even as hypnotism emerged as a more mainstream part of science in the mid-nineteenth century.

As this article will show, this scientific debate about the power of music to overwhelm self-control and leave the listener open to the sinister designs of the hypnotizing musician has proved highly influential in culture, literature and politics in a number of very different contexts. The first section of this paper will examine the role of music in Mesmerism and the experimental hypnotism of the nineteenth century, and its echoes in literature and music criticism.

For many observers, the idea of musical hypnosis became the basis of a critique of music's dangers that had considerable resonance with wider concerns about the fragility of social and sexual discipline in a rapidly urbanising society. This discourse drew on the Pavlovian theory of conditioned reflexes to create a scientific and popular discourse about the supposed threat to political and sexual self-control in the Cold War atmosphere of the s and s.

Finally, I will consider more sceptical views of musical trance that might provide a better basis for an understanding of modern musical hypnosis than the reductive neurological approach adopted by many of those who have warned of music's mesmeric dangers. Music played an important role in animal magnetism, the techniques created from the s by the German physician Franz Anton Mesmer that combined fixing patients with a literally mesmeric gaze and a theory of a universal fluid that could be manipulated to bring about health.

Despite these apparent successes, the suspicions of its power over the self and sexual inhibitions that would dominate discussions of hypnotic music were already apparent. The German writer and composer E. A Hoffmann, despite his fascination with uncanny states, expressed concern about animal magnetism.

hypnotic sounds

These associations with sexual impropriety and illegitimate meddling with the self continued into the mid-nineteenth century, when, starting with James Braid in the s, many physicians attempted to separate hypnotism from its semi-occult mesmerist past and to establish it as serious science.

The nervous system, with its automatic reflexes and its ineffable connection between physical stimulation and state of mind, was at the centre of the debate on music's dangers. During the eighteenth century, music's impact on the nerves was largely seen in the context of the refined nerves of sensibility, but by the early nineteenth century music had been incorporated into the medical critique of modern over-stimulation that had been developed by the likes of George Cheyne, S.

Tissot and John Brown.

hypnotic sounds

Worries about musical hypnosis were in a sense an extension of these fears, going beyond over-stimulated nerves and imagination to a complete loss of autonomy. He used gongs and tuning forks on patients to provoke cataleptic fits, one of his stages of hysterical hypnosis. The only question Charcot considered open was whether the reaction related to the auditory nerve or the nervous system more generally.

He described a typical experiment of this kind in the following words: I have these two hysterics take a seat on the sound box of a large tuning fork. As soon as I set the fork vibrating, you can see that they fall into catalepsy. When we stop the vibrations, they fall into somnambulism.

If we begin new vibrations with the tuning fork, the catalepsy reappears. Is this strange fact … due to the excitation of auditory sensitivity, or that of sensitivity in general? We don't know. The actual nature of these events has been much disputed.

Eventually the view of Charcot's rival Hippolyte Bernheim that all hypnosis is related to suggestion eventually won out against this more physiological approach. The view of hypnosis put forward by Bernheim that everyone was potentially hypnotisable, not just hysterics, was another blow to the idea of subjective autonomy. Musical hypnosis was seen as a real danger in a context in which there was a widespread sense that the control of the mind over the body was not secure but at the same time absolutely necessary for order and morality.

The assertion of the will, understood primarily as an inhibiting agent closer in fact to the Freudian superego than the ego was paramount. The emphasis on willpower as a force for inhibiting acting on desires had particular relevance when it came to sexuality.We started a small DJ company using two home theatre speakers, a six-disc CD changer, and 1 mic!

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Hypnotic Heartbeat Atmosphere Sound Effect

Thunder Wind and Rain Sound Effect. Dog Barking Sound. Sea Sound Effect.Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute. Sound design atmosphere - dreamy, swirling synth pad with delays. B-movie character. File type WAV 96kHz, 24bit. Library Big Room Sound. Share share on Facebook share on Twitter.

Hypnotic electronic loop at Bpm featuring a deep Synthbass and kickdrum groove run through complex File type WAV 44kHz, 16bit. Library Sampleconstruct. Calm floating and spacious chord texture made with convoluted choirvoices, mysterious and hypnotic. Mysterious Choirdrone Category: Drones Tags: calmchoirconvolutedConvolutiondarkdeepdronefloatinggalactichypnoticmysteriousspaciousstrangeunrealvocalsvoicevoices.

Low and calm male voice ostinato with two spooky reverbrant inserts. Male overtone singing on Eb in a huge space - lower octave added by resynthezising the voice using Industrial trashloop with a morphing hypnotic bass sequencer over a distorted electronic drumbeat - File type WAV 44kHz, 16bit bpm. Hypnotic Synthbass sequence on C with morphing filter action and stereo delays - 8 bars at bpm. Asian inspired electronic music loop with percussive hits, strange morphing sequencers and deep drums.

File type WAV 48kHz, 24bit. Ambient sequencer texture on Eb at Bpm, warm, spacious with an analog feel to it. Hypnotic 8 bar-loop with a sparkling sequencer and twisted beats at 93 bpm.

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Hypnotic music

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