BBC Sounds is a streaming media and audio download service from the BBC that includes live radio broadcasts, audio on demand, and podcasts. Media delivered to UK-based listeners does not feature commercial advertising. An initial beta version of the BBC Sounds app was launched in June[5] with both the new app and the iPlayer Radio app supported until Septemberwhen the iPlayer Radio app was finally decommissioned in the UK.

BBC Sounds differs from iPlayer Radio by acting as a place for original podcast material created by the BBC specifically for the app, as opposed to catch-up listening of its linear radio services.

iplayer radio 4 live

One example of this is the Beyond Today podcast, a daily online-only podcast produced by the Today team, exploring an issue in-depth with a younger audience in mind.

The new service has caused controversy amongst some former users of the iPlayer Radio app, who claim that the functionality does not have the same features as before, and that the new app is not supported for older versions of smartphones.

Some broadsheet newspapers have claimed that these changes disproportionately affect older listeners, particularly those who listen to speech and comedy content on BBC Best cotti golpo 4. BBC Sounds on the web was built from the ground up in the Node. Again, these were written from the ground up. The apps were released on 26 June[14] before the website had any 'Sounds' branding, in order to gain early feedback.

App features include the ability to look up station schedules, download and share media, [15] rewind live radio, [16] and listen in-car via either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This single source of data replaces a large number of different services that powered earlier incarnations of the radio products. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Streaming media and audio download service from the BBC. BBC portal. Retrieved 4 March BBC Sounds.

November Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 29 June The Telegraph. The Guardian. BBC Radio. BBC Local Radio. Defunct stations and services.

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Namespaces Article Talk.On Air: — Next: — The Touch Test: Nine things we learned about touch. Claudia Hammond reveals what The Touch Test taught us about this crucial sense. Something Quizzy This Way Comes. How much do you know about Macbeth? Answer 13 questions about the Scottish play The Secret Life of Teachers. What determines our body image?

iplayer radio 4 live

What drives us to look the way we do? How does food improve your mood? How what we eat can both contribute to, and ward off anxiety and depression. Introvert or extrovert? Why you need both. Are there benefits to identifying as one over the other? Mia Brake and her father arrive in the ancient village of Milbury. Fiendishly comic crime story set in Nigeria exploring an unusual relationship of sisters.

The World Is Dying. It's Time To Take Action. An eco-activist group seem to be threatening the national grid. Joe Jacobs is a failing rapper trying to make a career as a stand-up comedian. Sounds home page Listen My Sounds. Open playback settings menu. Programme Website.On Air: — Dick George - Private Investigator. Next: — Hollywood spoof about an heiress in distress, who brings Dick George out of retirement.

Read more. Podcast Radio Hour recommends Looking for a great podcast to listen to but don't know where to start? Arabella Weir interviews Paul Whitehouse. Stockport housewife extraordinaire Barbara Nice has to deal with her husband's retirement. Nothing delights Emma more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. Hercule Poirot attends a party in Cornwall where a clergyman dies sipping a cocktail.

Public Historian Greg Jenner is on a quest to discover why comedy writers love history. Josie Long hears stories which come out of nowhere. Sounds home page Listen My Sounds. Open playback settings menu.

Programme Website. More from 4Extra Skip More from 4Extra. Barbara Nice Pilot Stockport housewife extraordinaire Barbara Nice has to deal with her husband's retirement 30 mins. Drama Memsahib Emma Episode 1 Nothing delights Emma more than interfering in the romantic lives of others 60 mins. Blackadder and Brian Public Historian Greg Jenner is on a quest to discover why comedy writers love history 60 mins.It launched first on 30 September and was originally created as the BBC home service.

It can be reached by It can be found on FreesatSkyvirgin mediavirgin media Ireland as well as several frequencies across analog cable.

iPlayer Radio

The majority of the programs available on this channel are talk, drama, news and spoken word. As well as journalistic programs there are also ongoing radio dramas and infotainment style programs that take place. BBC radio 4 programs became so popular that many of their most requested dramas are broadcasting on repeats through the radio archive on a sister channel BBC 4 radio extra. Programs and personalities vary greatly in this station and many are pre-recorded.

Regular guest announcers and hosts are present from program to program. The station can be broadcast worldwide via the website and there is also a wealth of podcasts and prerecorded shows available for listening online. Listeners can also access the content via their online newsletter, blog, and through twitter and facebook. The BBC Iplayer and BBC radio app are excellent ways that you can stay in touch with Radio 4 announcers and program lists on your apple or android device.

Skip to main content. BBC Radio 4 Listen BBC Radio 4 online. Related stations. BBC Radio 4 Programs and Personalities Programs and personalities vary greatly in this station and many are pre-recorded.


New stations.The latest news and weather forecast from BBC Radio 4. Elites: Why has anti-elitism become such a common stable of media and political rhetoric? Bells on Sunday comes from St. The latest weather reports and forecasts for UK shipping.

Listen live. The latest news from BBC Radio 4.

BBC Sounds

A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with singer songwriter Steph Macleod. What impact has the pandemic had on life and communities in rural Britain? The latest weather forecast for farmers. John Aitchison presents the wren. Clive Anderson and guests with an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. The latest national and international news from BBC Radio 4.

News and discussion of consumer affairs. The latest weather forecast. News, analysis and comment from BBC Radio 4. David Cannadine tells the story behind the buzzword Moral Panic.

Nick Berkeley shows how song lyrics can help articulate and negotiate our lives. The nationwide general knowledge contest chaired by Russell Davies. Dan Saladino talks to shepherd James Rebanks about the future of food and farming. Aleks Krotoski asks if crowdfunding is the magic bullet for the post pandemic economy.

Afternoon news and current affairs programme. Philip hatches a plan. Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music. Starring Romola Garai.

iplayer radio 4 live

A look at the life of black activist Marcus Garvey.TuneIn announced that the British broadcaster was pulling its domestic streams from its service, effective August 30th.

The change will only impact UK Tonight will be the first seven-way election debate hosted by the BBCwhich will be broadcast on It comes after a particularly difficult general election campaign in which the corporation was The BBC has announced that iPlayer will be receiving a load of new boxsets while the majority of A list of the top most influential novels has been released by BBC Arts.

Devised by a panel, which included authors Juno Dawson and Kit de Waal Theatres, galleries and gig venues are closing their doors, as the government asks Britons to avoid The BBC has announced new plans for their programming in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus Since the show was last broadcast, a pair of Christmas specials inLittle Britain has been It made Rooney, the young upstart of the Dublin literary scene, a household name; the Jane Austen of Friday night will see the first seven-way election debate hosted by the BBCwhich will be aired on Yahoo Web Search Yahoo Settings.

Sign In. Search query. Web Images Video News. Local Answers Shopping. The Why don't people trust the BBC as much any more? How many of the BBC 's top books have you read? Coronavirus: BBC 's new programming plans include 'virtual church services' and exercise routines for Normal People depicts consent well but can we stop expecting female nudity on screen?

Trending Now.Do You see incomplete, outdated or incorrect information on our site? Do You think You know more about a radio? Help us, write to us on Facebook and in exchange we grant You advertisement free use of our site! Search radio:. Votes: 85Average: 4.

Please share Your opinion and comments in the Facebook-comment box below the player! If the radio lags, or breaks, please send us a message on the Contact page! If the radio doesn't start at all, try to check the Troubleshooting page to find a solution! Now playing:. Server 1 - Kbps. Server 2 - 48 Kbps. BBC Radio 4 has more than 10 million weekly listeners, and so the second most popular radio in the United Kingdom right after the BBC Radio 2, but it leads the race for the audience in London, and in the South of England.

BBC Radio 4 almost completely leaves out music programmes, so works with almost solely speech related programmes, it pursues a deeper insight into a more thoughtful viewpoint through world politics, domestic politics, journalism, and keep up the diversity with refreshing comedy, and gripping readings and drama, but the arts, science, and history topics are also the parts of the talkative programme structure.

For actual use, the station offers shipping forecasts, news, and weather reports regularly. The breakfast show slot is filled with "Today" programme, which is the most popular in the schedule of BBC Radio 4. On weekdays from 6am to 9am and on Saturdays from 7am to 9am Today brings national and international news and affairs, sports, and weather under the scope.

Furthermore Today has a three-minute slot around am for the "Thought for the Day", which is an inspirational thought pack from religious thinkers. Most of the existing religions are represented in this block, and most times the broadcasted thought has some context with one of the main events of the day.

BBC Radio 4 is also available on the digital ways, we recommend the online radio stream via the internet. Your favourite radios. Capital FM. Non-Stop Kerrang! Steve Allen. Early Breakfast with Paul Hayes. Classic 80's. Sounds of the 60s with Tony Blackburn. Albert Roussel - 3 pieces for piano Op. Dotun Adebayo. Jazz Junctions. Dick George - Private Investigator.

Paul Ross. Extra Time with Paul Ross. John Isherwood. Night Music. Mellow Magic.

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