In this document, we present programming in Scilab. In the first part, we present the management of the memory of Scilab. In the second part, we present various data types and analyze programming methods associated with these data structures.

In the third part, we present features to design flexible and robust functions. In the last part, we present methods which allow to achieve good performances. We emphasize the use of vectorized functions, which allow to get the best performances, based on calls to highly optimized numerical libraries. Many examples are provided, which allow to see the effectiveness of the methods that we present. Contribute to this document on our Forge. Skip to main content.

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Tweets by Scilab.We provide all high standard materials regarding any topic in IT mini projects. Reason behind doing Mini Projects? Objective of mini projects:. Computer science engineering provides a vast arena of project topics for its students. Entire industry of computer is benefited by computer engineers. These mini projects shape their thinking and mold them innovatively. They offer inspired application, algorithms, programs and unimaginable computer peripherals to society.

Network security, file transferring, data base management and computer based management are some of the topics for mini project. Needed information is obtained from database using data mining application. Most difficult process in data mining applications is maintenance and data retrieval.

To solve this crisis student of computer science can create algorithms of matching. Mini Projects for cse. Networking is creating a web of interlink among various devices and system to enable data transmission among them. In order to make secure transmission various protocols are used management projects that can be done by computer science students are passport management system, payroll management system, alumni management system, employee management system and school management system.

To attain interoperability, scalability and reliable communication students of information technology can do projects on the combination of computer and communication applications. Most IT students choose their projects on computing. Communication projects make possible quick and clear communication of cloud computing, mobile computing, network communication and grid computing for mini projects in IT. Android and java is used in mobile computing.

Issues of cloud computing are utilization and starvation of resources. This is solved by IT students through virtual machine migration concept. Problems in networking such as maximum hop count, low bandwidth, path failure and mobility which can be overcome by gaining short path and energy efficient algorithms.

Usage complication can be minimized by combining electronics and communication.Networking is a technology that is underrated or rather unknown to many people because of the way it works.

But as engineers, we need to observe and appreciate the innovation happening in networking to make our life easier. It also redefined the way we use Internet by giving us WiFi hotspots, wireless modems, tri-band broadband connections etc. If you like to do projects related to networking fields but not sure about the project topics, you can refer the below topics to get some good ideas.

Have you checked out our projects on Wireless Communication yet? Wireless Communication Kit will be shipped to you and you can build using tutorials. You can start with a free demo today! Wireless Communication Career Building Course. Automatic Human Following Trolley.

Matlab Mini Projects

IOT Gadgets: Networking technology not only makes our life easier by providing faster internet and other networks but also provide us with smart gadgets to use. IOT devices are one such example, which are penetrating into almost all the industries and homes. It is estimated that the market share of IOT devices will rise up to multi-trillions by From Apple watch series to all the wearable devices, smart kitchens, smart electronics devices like bulbs, water monitoring device, security systems etc.

Such is the pace in which networking products are reaching and assisting us in our day-to-day lives. Just like how 4G networks was researched and developed for many years, 5G networks are also undergoing the same cycle. Many reports suggest that with 5G networks, the maximum data rates may reach up to gigabits per second Gbps and it is estimated that more consumers will be inclined to shifting to this network in near future.

Soon, you will be able to see the companies claiming to provide 4. Want to develop practical skills on Wireless Communication? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free.

Scilab Programming Project (Matchsticks)

With the adoption of IPv6, it will become much easier to manage subscriber accounts by the internet providers and you can also expand the available IP address to accommodate more number of devices.

This will provide supreme power to administrators who manages home networks. All these machines need newer and efficient types of networks to function. So, if you are an engineering student looking to build innovative projects, choosing the networking field as the area of interest will provide you a lot of future scope and learning opportunity.

Networking is surely a hot area and one with a lot of job opportunities. And as we saw above the demand is only going to increase in the near future. However, the number of students and graduates looking for jobs in networking is also very high. So, it is very important to build a strong profile to beat the competition and develop a great career in networking.Electronics projects are always in high demand.

Students work on them to improve their skills, whereas hobbyists like the fun in meddling with technology. Mini projects form a middle ground for all segments of electronics engineers looking to build. We compiled a list of interesting and practical mini project ideas for you to work on. There are a couple of mini projects for engineering students for their Final Year Project. The purpose of this circuit is to create a new topology with good power factor maintained at AC voltage input, to provide good efficiency output to the battery and to increase its life.

Smartphones and GPS are nothing new for a techie. It not only gives information about the location but also information like time, date, height and speed. It is so useful that most smartphones are embedded with it. This electronics mini project idea might be something to get your hands on.

mini projects based on scilab

If working with ATmega gets too much for you, we have an alternative as well. It can be used to power light loads like window chargers, night lamps, or simply give a shock to keep the intruders away. This project is available at: Low power inverter. The commercially available LPG leakage detector circuits are extremely expensive and usually based on a microcontroller.

This mini project is for a low-cost circuit for an LPG detector that you can build easily.

mini projects based on scilab

The next time there is a leakage, you can easily be on top of things. This geyser timer circuit sounds an alarm after the set timing of 22 minutes when the water is heated up.

mini projects based on scilab

This project is available at: Geyser timer. In the presence of ambient light, or when you switch on light of the room in the morning, the CD player will restart playing. This project is available at: Automatic off timer for CD players. This doorbell cum visitor indicator circuit can give identification of the visitor to your home in your absence.

The project is available at: Doorbell cum visitor counter. An absolute necessity of every electronics lab is a workbench power supply. The power supply should be regulated and protected against short circuit. Most power-supply protection circuits use a low-value, high-wattage resistor connected in series with the load for current sensing.

The voltage drop across the sensor resistor is weighed to activate the protection circuit. The given electronic fuse circuit is based on a poly-fuse application, which is a re-settable fuse by itself.

This project is available at: Electronic Fuse. The water statistics for your house are in similar terms. You fill up your water tank every day again to refill it every day. This project helps you in designing a water level meter to check up on the amount of water in the tank.Embedded systems are playing an increasingly import ant role in control engineering.

Despite their popularity, embedded systems are generally subject to resource constraints and it is therefore difficult to build complex control systems on embedded platforms.

Traditionally, the design and implementation of control systems are often separated, which causes the development of embedded control systems to be highly time-consuming and costly. To address these problems, this paper presents a low-cost, reusable, reconfigurable platform that enables integrated design and implementation of embedded control systems.

To minimize the cost, free and open source software packages such as Linux and Scilab are used. Scilab is ported to the embedded ARM-Linux system. The drivers for interfacing Scilab with several communication protocols including serial, Ethernet, and Modbus are developed. Experiments are conducted to test the developed embedded platform. The use of Scilab enables implementation of complex control algorithms on embedded platforms. With the developed platform, it is possible to perform all phases of the development cycle of embedded control systems in a unified environment, thus facilitating the reduction of development time and cost.

Figure 1. It is possible for the user to program new blocks in C, Fortran, or Scilab Language and construct a library of reusable blocks that can be used in different systems. Scicos allows running simulations in real time and generating C code from Scicos model using a code generator. Figure 2. General structure of embedded control systems. The general structure of an embedded control system wit h one single control loop is shown in Figure 2. Figure 4.

Traditional development process of control software. Traditionally, the development cycle of a control system consists of two main steps: controller design and its implementation. These two steps are often separated, as shown in Figure 4, where the so-called V-model is given.

While the controller design is usually done by control engineers, the implementation is the responsibility of system software engineers. Figure 6. Layered architecture of the developed embedded platform. In this section, we describe the implementation of the above-mentioned platform for developing embedded control systems.

As shown in Figure 6, this platform is composed of three main components: hardware, software, and interfaces.With the advent of multimedia, Digital Signal Processing DSP of sound has emerged from the shadow of bandwidth-limited speech Processing. Today, the main appli- cations of audio DSP are high quality audio coding and the Digital generation and manipulation of music Signal s.

They share common resear Pitch detection in speech Signal Processing source code, using matlab be achieved. Major applications to improve the self-related technologies Digital Signal Processing matlab code of the electronic information to achieve professional students to learn useful Application backgroundThis book systematically describes the basic knowledge of Digital Signal Processingincluding the first 10 chapters on the deter Mini stic Digital Signal Processing knowledge, including discrete time Signal and system, z transform, Fu Liye transform, frequency analysis and filte These tours are also progressively being ported to python.

The tours are services by slides of courses that concentrate on t There is always a driving need to make things better and DSPprovides many techniques for doing this.


For example, people enjoy Login Sign up Favorite. Upload Add Code Add Code. Communication Others. Signal Processing source code, using matlab be achieve Digital Signal Processing and application of matlab source code that contains an Digital Signal Processing matlab code of the electronic information to achieve p Matlab Matlab.

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mini projects based on scilab

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