Unions have come to Ragnarok Online 2. Now, level 50 players can choose to ally themselves with one of six different Unions. Once joined with a Union, players can participate in the Union quests to receive Union Points. These points can then be exchanged for unique items, including special Union costumes.

Note that you do not have to be of that class to join a union. For example, if you are a Hunter, you can choose to join the Magic Academy Union. Remember that if you leave a Union, you cannot re-join or join another Union until 2 weeks has passed. Once you finish quests, you recieve Union Points.

You can exchange these points at Union NPCs. These are the six different Union costumes you can purchase when you have earned enough Union Points. Note that there are female and male versions of these permanent costumes for each union. Go to Payon Monk Temple at the north west part of the map and deliver the letter to submaster songchu. Visit and pray to the 4 runes stones tombs at the payon forest near the payon dungeon at the south east part of the map.

Kill Edith Schweiz, the last boss next to Drake which can be found in the sunken ship in Hard mode. Collect the 3 delivery items which can be found at the port of Alberta 2 in the port and 1 at the beach.

Tip: You can collect 4 minerals in divided plains, 3 near the town at the middle of the map, 1 near the entrance to alberta. Enable JS to see clock.

Ragnarok 2. All Notice Events Updates. Forums Hall of Honor Fansites Support.A Repairman is a special type of Blacksmith that specializes in Equipment repair. Weapons and armor that has been damaged in battle can be repaired by a Repairman. Destroyed equipment, such as that destroyed by refinement failurecannot be repaired. Repairmen in RO will only repair equipment that is currently equipped and costs 5, Zeny per piece of broken equipment.

Since equipment durability degrades with use, it needs to be repaired regularly by talking to a nearby repairman and choosing [Repair] or [Repair All] options to repair your equipment. Repair costs scale with the amount of durability lost. The general formula per piece of equipment is:. Repairman NPCs can be found in all towns and cities. Simply look for the hammer icon on your minimap to locate them. Sign In. From Ragnarok Wiki.

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Merry Yule Festival! This year, join Santa on his quest to unlock the secrets of the Holiday Spirit, and to extend holiday cheer to places near and very, very far. To begin, find the familiar face of Vixen near the center of Prontera. She'll get you started on your quest to help out the Big Guy himself Santa Claus!

As you set out on your quest for Santa, you will be asked to gather items from monsters around the world. One quest will require you to retrieve an item from the Santa Poring Cave. In order to complete this portion of the quest, the server must work together to gather Wrapping Paper and unlock the first tier of shop items from the Santa Poring vendor in Prontera.

You can buy the warp ticket for this dungeon from the Santa Poring in Prontera. Note: Loot may not display on the Santa Poring, use your auto-loot or "R" key to loot their corpses. Wrapping Paper will be a world drop throughout the event. Lutie Snowflakes will be a world drop throughout the event as well as rewards for quests, and Lutie Snowflakes and its upgraded versions will be the primary currency for the event.

As in previous years, Lutie Snowflakes can be upgraded by exchanging them with the vendor. Two brand new titles will also be available this year. One from completing Santa's quest, and another from the vendor in exchange for Lump of Lutie Ice. We're keeping the details of the rest of the quests, titles, and vendor rewards under wraps for now-- so log in today and see for yourself what Santa has brought you!

If you are looking for some stocking stuffers don't forget we have the Yule Festival themed items for sale! Enable JS to see clock.

Ragnarok 2.Arrows are a type of ammunition used by bow weapons and through Melody StrikeSlinging Arrow and Arrow Vulcanwhich use a whip or instrument. To equip ammunition, you must double-click the arrow to want to equip.

Allows the player to combine pieces of arrows into a single quiver. Each quiver cost zeny. Categories : Weapons Archer Thief. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat Iron Arrow. Steel Arrow. Oridecon Arrow. Elven Arrow. Hunting Arrow.

Ragnarok Online

Silver Arrow. Fire Arrow. Crystal Arrow. Arrow of Wind. Stone Arrow. Immaterial Arrow. Rusty Arrow. Arrow of Counter Evil. Arrow of Shadow. Stun Arrow. Cursed Arrow. Mute Arrow. Flash Arrow. Frozen Arrow. Poison Arrow.Did everyone just dig deep into their zeny pockets for it? First you will need to earn some Fighter Coins.

Ragnarok Online - 3 Tips to Make Zeny on RO for Beginners

Participate in Ragnarok Mobile Arena to earn fighter coins. First, access the PvP Arena first click more in the top right hand corner of your Ragnarok Mobile interface, then click Arena. You have three choices here.

You will want to pick the Yoyo Arena as it is the simplest way to earn your fighter coins as a solo player, the other areas will require you to enter as a party. You will receive 10 fighter coins each time you slay a player. These assists are counted when you do damage to other players but do not get the finishing blow. Essentially just landing hits will earn you fighter coins. Therefore, when those players that you hit eventually gets knocked down everyone goes down you will be rewarded with fighter coins.

Tip: Use your AOE skill on bunched up players to proc multiple assists. Additionally earning Fighter Coins are limited to a total of 1, per week. To purchase your Marchosias gear first head to the Arena Quatermaster Helena. Find her in the top section of Prontera. Next you will need to use your arena Fighter Coins as well as Silver Medals to get your hands on that sweet refine attack boost. Skip to content. Ragnarok Mobile. TAGS pvp 1. Safe Refine Guide. Discount Refine Cost. Slotting Guide.

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I read a few guides and they pretty much all say to make a merch for selling things to other players. I rolled one up and he is about to be job lvl I have a few questions though.

ragnarok online vendor

Should I leave him at Merchant 50? Or is job changing him beneficial somehow for vendoring? However I don't see anyone selling any of them. Should I be going for that stuff instead? Thanx for any info! Posted 26 June - PM I would have sacrificed the 2 points from Overcharge most of your zeny doesn't come from NPCing crap anyway to get IWL 10, but it's not terribly important as a vendslave. Make sure the list of items worth selling you're reading is up to date. Phracon is npc junk sold by npc.

Iron Ore, PSpores, and orc vouchers will all sell for more than they NPC for, generally a few hundred to 1k each - there's a huge list of items like that. I've been a bit inactive on the market front, so I'm not sure what the best options are nowadays, though. Some friends level up their vend slaves to 2nd class just for a nicer vend sprite.

That's madness in my opinion, but to each his own. Being a high level is nice for that since you'd have to cast "vend" a lot of times before running out of SP with a much larger SP pool. Sign In Need an account?

Register now! I've forgotten my password.

ragnarok online vendor

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.Feel the same old atmosphere full of epic MVP bosses, bloody Wars of Emperium, crafting rivalries and political intrigues. Content updates come regularly. New episodes bring new locations, classes, mobs, MVPs, quests, events and so on. You will never feel bored! The religious teachings forbid Acolytes and other members of the Church from using bladed weapons. Instead, they typically carry staves and rods for casting skills that support their allies and harm their foes and maces for physical damage.

For the faith, one must be good until they achieve a disciplined body.

Emerald vendor NPC missing?

Until then, it will take much time and effort. Others have come to fear and respect those who are called Monks. With combo and separate attacks, the mysterious power of one must not only be physically strong, but also have great strength and tough hits.

Priests are able to resurrect fallen comrades, protect them from harm, and bless their weapons. Even though Priests are typically not on the front lines of battle, they need to be constantly aware of their surroundings and their companions.

The Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. Known for the one-hit skill, Guillotine Fist, Champions are even deadlier in close range combat.

Champions get mostly new combo-skills as their transcendental skills. The High Priest is the Transcendent variant of Priest. Now able to create areas where no violence may occur, they are able to Heal more, Bless more and Serve even more. Archers are experts at long-range combat with Bows and Arrows.

Range enables archers to defeat stationary or slow-moving opponents that are stronger than they are without being hit. Rhythm and balance are qualities cultivated by all Archers, however, only the truly talented are allowed to learn the secret steps of the Dancers and songs of the Bards. These classes scantily clad seductresses gain the power to influence the minds of allies and enemies alike. Hunters are skillful at indirect combat. They are also able to lay mines and traps on the ground to hinder or catch mobs.

Additionally, they have a powerful pet, the Falcon. Everybody loves the Gypsy and Clown dancing and singing, especially their enemies. It's the last thing they see before they go to the grave with a smile on their lips and an arrow through their hearts.

One shot, one kill! There is no better way to describe the Sniper. They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. Waiting in the shadows, planning where they'll strike next, the mischievous Thieves are a force to reckon with. A few can keep up with a Thief's attack speed and power, whether they're slashing their way in battle with a sharp dagger, or striking from afar with a bow. Rogues can wield bows, daggers, or swords and can copy a variety of player skills to help them level.

Their high dodge, fast attacks, and stealthy nature make them a force to be reckoned with in a dungeon.

ragnarok online vendor

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