Baseboards are easily taken for granted in the grand scheme of home decor and they can actually have a pretty big impact on a room but with tile baseboards, this oft overlooked decorative detail gets its moment in the sun.

Multiple considerations go into choosing baseboards for a room such as functionality, style, and costand tile baseboards are no exception.

Tile baseboards serve the primary function of baseboards — they cover the unsightly joint where the wall meets the floor — and they do it with style. Since they do go hand-in-hand with tiled walls and floors, you'll most often see tile baseboards in bathrooms and kitchens, but you'd be surprised at how great they can look throughout the home. You can use decorative tiles, like the handcrafted ones aboveas baseboards to enhance any room; and, there are options available to suit any taste, and match the decor of any space.

We're used to seeing tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, so when you see the words "tile baseboards," chances are that you start picturing the ceramic tiles so frequently used "subway" style in those rooms. There are actually multiple varieties of tile, but the ones most commonly used as baseboards are ceramic, porcelain, granite, natural stone such as marbleand glass usually in mosaic form, as pictured below.

With this many options just for the tile type, you're practically guaranteed to find tile baseboards that fit your personal aesthetic. Choice of material for your tile baseboards will mostly depend on your budget.

Tile baseboards tend to be much image convolution python expensive than other types of baseboards such as wood, vinyl, MDF etc.

Pricing varies widely by manufacturer but is usually calculated per square foot. The finish glossy, honed, polished and depth of the tile will affect the price as well the thicker the tile is, the more expensive it will be. You're going to want to care for your investment once you've had your tile baseboards installed or installed them yourself.

One of the reasons that tile baseboards are so frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms is that they're water- and scratch-resistant, which makes their surfaces easy to keep clean. That said, giving your tile baseboards a deep clean every so often is still a good habit to get into, especially for those frequently exposed to water as in kitchens and bathrooms. Regardless of what room they're in, baseboards tend to take a lot of kicks, so take care of any stubborn scuff marks with this simple cleaning solution.

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tile baseboard

Baseboard tile are quite important tile products. Not only they add depth in the designing of your floors and walls, but also they provide a great resistance against moisture and dirt and dust.

Generally, people use thin strips of the same tile, which they used for their floors, as baseboard. However, it is not that appealing and stylish. Water resistant — Ceramic baseboard tile is recommended by many interior designers as they resist against water and moisture hardly.

They save your walls and give them the durability factor. Durable — Ceramic tiles are manufactured tiles that are made to be strong and durable. They stay for long, without losing their texture, color and quality. By installing ceramic or porcelain base, you will ensure long lasting walls and foundation for your home. We are pitching the lowest rates on them, and are ready to bring down our prices, if you tell us, you are getting a more economical deal from some other credible tile shop.

Baseboard Threshold and Window sills Disclaimer. Pool Coping Pool Tiles. Sort By: Position Name Price. Items 1 to 36 of total 1 2 3 4. Show: 18 Almond 3X6 Glossy Single Bullnose.

Add to Cart Options. Add to Cart. Gray Glossy 3X6 Single Bullnose. Dimensions Khaki 4X12 Matte Bullnose. Dimensions Olive 4X12 Matte Bullnose. Almond 4X16 Glossy Single Bullnose. Venice Cappuccino 3x13 Matte Bullnose Tile. Metropolis Avorio 3x12 Matte Bullnose. Travertino Walnut 3x12 Matte Bullnose Tile. Venice Noce 3x13 Matte Bullnose Tile. Metropolis Taupe 3x12 Matte Bullnose Tile. Metropolis Gray 3x12 Matte Bullnose Tile. Focus Graphite 3X18 Matte Bullnose.


Travertino Beige 3X18 Matte Tile. Travertino Walnut 3x18 Matte Bullnose Tile. Dunes Beige 3X18 Mattte Bullnose. Loft Gris 3X18 Matte Bullnose. Popular Tags.Skip to main content Tile Baseboard. In Stock. What a stunning baseboard treatment. The white marble is very white; and the veins are gray. No pinks or yellows!. Add to cart. We were happy with this purchase - the tiles arrived quickly and in good condition. The marble looks high quality and we liked it enough to order more for our second bathroom.

In stock. My wife and I were recently at a tile shop in town and finally found just the right tiled shower look. So I did some shopping at Amazon and found Oracle stone. They have the exact same stuff slightly different name and at a great savings. The pencil trim was a similar savings. It was the best packing job I have ever seen and my brother is a packaging engineer so I know the difference between good and bad.

Thanks so much for some beautiful baseboard and pencil trim at a fraction of the cost. See my uploaded picture of my It was packaged great" - by Cherie H. The carrara white baseboard is great quality. It was packaged great.

A lot of padding so nothing broke.

tile baseboard

It looks beautiful. Local tile store wanted double what we paid. This product served as the perfect finishing touch to my DIY stair project.

It Adheres to any 90 degree space with a bead of old school blue tack. It's tack, so you really need to get some friction going to meld it into the corners. But if you do it right at the outset, it stays put. The first set of stairs I did leads to the garage and is high traffic and it is still in place after 5 months.

I imagine salt and mud in the winter might give it some trouble but, again, nothing some caulk or silicon couldn't resolve. The tack make it so clean and easy! Also, it is very easy to clean because it is vinyl.

Saved us from having to custom order metal covers We are selling our home and had to replace a few, and these are aesthetically more appealing though more "noticed" for that reason as well. Very nice quality tile. We looked at a number of styles of travertine baseboard to trim the travertine flooring in our kitchen and breakfast room. This one matched perfectly, was excellent quality and, at six inches, deep enough to convey a real sense of luxury.

We are very happy with it. Does everything as advertized" - by Zman. This is a great tool. Does everything as advertized. Great for getting behind the trim and prying it out.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our warehouse teams are working hard to ship the orders as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience during these times. We will email the tracking details as soon as the orders are shipped.

God Bless America. Forgot Your Password? Don't have an account? Sign Up. Baseboard tile are quite important tile products. Not only they add depth in the designing of your floors and walls, but also they provide a great resistance against moisture and dirt and dust. Generally, people use thin strips of the same tile, which they used for their floors, as baseboard.

However, it is not that appealing and stylish. Water resistant — Ceramic baseboard tile is recommended by many interior designers as they resist against water and moisture hardly. They save your walls and give them the durability factor. You would be floored with our lowest prices. We promise to cater the quality floor and wall tiles.

We supply and cater to most of the tile dealers near you.

tile baseboard

With 15 warehouse locations across Northern America, including Canada, we can deliver these tiles to your doorstep at striking fast times and best prices. Enjoy low freight rates due to our shipping volume. View as: Grid List. Shades of Stone delivers lowest prices at your doorstep. We are your source for premium products that will ultimately be a part of beauty and functionality of any part of your home.

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How To Install A Tile Bullnose Baseboard- SIMPLE & EASY

Log In Sign up Cart. Login Login If you have an account with us, please log in.Workshop schedule to be announced. Instead of using MDF or a hardwood baseboard in the wet areas of your home, such as a bathroom, laundry room or mudroom, consider using a tile baseboard. Tile is more water resistant and durable and if detailed correctly, can look really sharp. First, you need to use the same tile as the floor tile for the baseboard.

Ideally, it should be a larger format tile 12 X 12 or larger and should be a solid color throughout — so either a natural stone or a porcelain a glazed ceramic will not look very good unless it has a factory edge. The grout lines from the floor tile should extend and line up with the grout lines of the tile base board.

We also recommend tiling the toe kick of any millwork in these wet areas. The tile baseboard height should be matched to the height of the toe kick of any millwork so there is a continuous datum line that runs on the walls and then under any of the millwork — usually this means the tile base will be about 4 inches in height. Good discussion.

I hope to use your advice in a bathroom reno…some day. Or, if a glazed ceramic tile is used, do you just paint over the terracotta edge to match the wall colour? Hi Terri — yes, natural slate may be a bit on the thick and rough side, but I think it would still work. I also think that painting a glazed tile edge would not be ideal — I would try to see if the tile selection had specially made corner pieces with a slightly rounded finished edge or use the factory edge for all the baseboard pieces.

They have been great and informative. I kept ducking or bowing everytime you used the word. Hello Oscar…. I really like that! Thanks for your comment — hope you have a great holiday…. Hi Mike — we specify the vanity toe kicks to be made out of plywood so the tile setter can install the tiles directly to the toe kicks after the vanities are installed. Philosophy About Us Contact. Matthew North. Thanks again for the great information, Merry Christmas, Oscar B. Merry Christmas. These owners of this 4 plex have no idea what they I am using a vessel sink.

Can anyone tell me if I need Slight gaps are barely noticeable and can beDespite the fact that it might appear like a small detail, your baseboard styles, or the trim that goes along the bottom of the wall right beside the flooring, can discreetly alter the look of a space or a whole home. Requirement MDF baseboard can be really basic. Plain MDF baseboard is formed into all of the popular profile patterns and can be stained or painted.

Paint is generally utilized on plain MDF baseboard considering that it does not have any grain pattern for a stain to highlight. Vinyl-coated MDF is one of the more popular baseboard items. It can be mitered, cut and set up simply like any other type of baseboard.

Vinyl-coated baseboard likewise comes in all the profiles that are generally utilized in houses or services. Baseboard profiles are diverse, however stick to a couple of reliable styles that have actually been utilized for lots of years. One popular technique that MDF baseboard molding has actually adjusted to is the back-profiled, or back-cut, baseboard. The back cut-out just fits midway over the other molding, offering the finished baseboard a stacked impact.

Baseboards come in a large selection of profiles, or shapes, and numerous makers make lots of various alternatives. The top of the trim has actually a carefully rounded shape or discreetly stepped shape, permitting it to taper into the wall. Cost will differ depending upon the product of the trim and the shop; nevertheless, this is among the least costly alternatives you will discover.

This trim style is best for a more contemporary house.

How to Add a Tile Baseboard to a Bathroom

The simpleness makes it a fantastic option if you desire the trim to decline into the background. The back of the trim is grooved to permit for bending and to assist in the setup. Utilize this easy trim as it is or include a layer of a more ornamental molding or quarter-round to offer the baseboard a more intricate appearance. This kind of trim is priced likewise to rounded or stepped base molding, and it will differ considerably depending upon the product. Flat base molding is really more flexible than numerous other choices.

You can utilize it in nearly any style of house, with or without crown molding or fancy doors and window cases. If you layer another trim on top of it, you can make it work well with architectural styles like Victorian, and it works excellent by itself in everything from Artisan the homes of modern homes. The leading part of the trim is decoratively formed, typically including scallops or actions that taper towards the wall. Because of the large variation in the sculpting and height, this kind of trim can vary substantially in rate.

The product you pick will likewise make a substantial distinction in the per-foot expense of this style of trim. This type of trim is a terrific method to include character to any space. Taller baseboard molding is another alternative, offering the most substantial visual declaration. Typically, the leading edge of the trim is shaped with scalloped or stepped information to offer visual interest and assist it taper into the wall. This is usually the most costly kind of flooring molding you can buy, and the expense differs depending upon the height, the shape, and the product.

Typically, taller trim is a fantastic option for houses that are big in scale. This type of trim makes a style declaration; you ought to prevent combining it with fancy crown moldings and other trim pieces if your home is on the easier side. When it pertains to look and expense, the product of the molding is every bit as essential as the shape. Each product has its benefits and downsides, and the very best one for you will depend upon a variety of consider your house.

A relatively current advancement on the planet of house enhancement, MDF is comprised of wood fibers, resin, and other products.

How to Attach a Ceramic Tile Baseboard to a Wall

Makers can quickly shape it into a variety of various shapes, and it comes primed and all set for painting. Another spending plan product, pine is an affordable softwood that makes an excellent option for trim. Prior to you purchase a piece of pine molding, examine it thoroughly for warping or fractures that might make part of all of the piece unusable.A tile baseboard can not only be an attractive addition to your tile floor, but it also can protect the wall near your floor from unsightly marks from stains that may be inadvertently made.

If you have installed wall tile and you'd like to add a tile baseboard, follow the steps below. In purchasing the tile you'll use for your tile baseboard, choose a color and pattern that will match your floor tile.

If you are unable to find bull nose tile that will match, buy matching wall tile. As you purchase your tile, plan to use 2 baseboard tiles for each floor tile. If you've purchased wall tile to use as your baseboardyou'll need to cut these tile to fit. Measure the height you want your baseboard to be, then cut to this measurement the tile you plan to use for your baseboard.

You'll need an even and solid surface on which to attach your tile. If the surface on which you'll attach your tile has joint compound and grout, remove it until you have a flat and even surface on your wall. Using a V-notch trowel, apply mastic to the wall surface onto which you'll attach your tile baseboard. Limit the mastic to the amount you'll be able to cover with your tile within a 5 minute time period. Avoid spreading the mastic in a area on the wall surface higher than the baseboard tile height.

You may find that your trowel width is greater than the height of the surface onto which you'll attach your tile. If so, apply the mastic to the rear surface of each tile, rather than on the wall. With your mastic spread, begin attaching your tile to the wall area, using spacers between each tile piece.

Fit 2 spacers between the floor and the bottom edge of each tile to create a uniform distance between each tile and will create a straight and even line of tiles. Give the mastic 24 hours to dry. Mix tile grout to a consistency that is thick enough that the grout will stay in place between the tiles. Before applying it, remove all spacers from between the tiles.

Push the grout into the spaces between the tiles and between the floor and the bottom row of tiles. Be sure the grout is tightly packed into these spaces. If you've installed your tile in a bathroom, run a bead of silicone caulk between the tiles and the floor.

This will prevent water from the floor from seeping into the space behind the tiles. Use a caulk finishing tool to even the caulk in the spaces between floor and tile, then allow a drying time of about 72 hours.

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