Discussion in ' Guides ' started by iceman2kxNapsgear us customs 17, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hello guys, after seeing countless post asking for pvm template help I've decided to write this guide.

It was gonna be a lot more detailed, but I am quitting UO for now so I rushed this. I hope it helps the new players out. Starting out sucks, but it doesn't always have to be grinding with a parry dexxer in despise lol. This is a step by step guide for an extremely efficient PVM template, arguably the best, only second to tamer with a new account.

A tamer takes too much time and resources to create. This template will have you making gold in about a day so you may create your pvper, or tamer if you so choose.

We all need a little reminder and a push in the right direction sometimes, so if your feeling a little lost in UO, then this guide is for you. I often see a lot of questions from new players asking a lot of the same questions, template advice, how, where, when etc. Well here ya go! You will need: 2 accounts and patience. Step 1. Welcome to UOF. Go ahead and start creating your character. Start him out with 25 int, and the rest of your points into strength.

Dex should have the minimum amount of points in it as possible keep INT at 25 though. With your three skills, your 50 skills should be hiding and provocation. The last third skill should be healing. Step 2. Immediately lock your int at Click " show real " and lock ALL your skills and move them to one group. If any of your skills have points in them, except the ones you chose, point them down.

Create a new group.The wonderful thing about UO is that you are free to combine your skills as you like. However, to create effective templates, there are certain skill combinations that will work better than others.

The following are some common templates found on UO Forever. These can all be built using the base skill points. You needn't worry about going for skill points while you are new to the server. Many of the templates were taken from JoeB's handy forum thread. If you are interested in pursuing the Meta Talismanssome suggested templates information can be found on the Meta Talismans page.

The classic starter template for new players - Versatile and independent. Great for soloing in PvM and surviving player killers PKs. Tactics takes priority over Anatomy, due to its larger damage bonus.

Anatomy and Healing at minimum requirements for resurrecting. High resist is important for survival, most notably for resisting poisons. This template allows you to provoke one mob upon another while hitting either one with archery. Does not need to be near mobs to be effective. Great for Champion Spawns.

Very cheap to build. Does not have great defensive Skills. You will want to get out fast when PKs come around - Have that recall escape macro ready! This can help you output more damage in a short space of time but you will lose the ability to kite a hard hitting monster when you don't have another monster to provoke onto. Others will opt to reduce Magery and use just recalls from their runebooks.

This is an extremely powerful template. Although defenses are weak, his offense outweighs any offense in the game. The provocation tamer can use his powerful pets while provoking mobs on to other mobs. This means that he can fight the largest and meanest mobs in the game without too much worry about taking damage.

Very good offense due to powerful pets and the ability to provoke one mob onto another. Can heal, buff, and cure not only himself but also his pets.Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Filters. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Advanced search… Search. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Wackaveli Start date Apr 7, Tags poundsign. Wackaveli Neophyte. My private stash of theory crafted builds. I don't use alchemy, due to weight and potion cost.

Blood Aspect

Last edited: Apr 10, AreYouKidden Legendary. I applaud any theorycrafting of any type but just want to say to people - they should consider it just that, and also consider that mechanics change from time to time, which may deem some templates less useful, or needing to be tweaked. Off the top for me though, should include taste ID in any summoner build - though it depends what aspect your running, if your trying to maximize damage stacks or not.

Taste ID gives you far more mana with delectable foods, and will increase your damage 9 out of 10 times though. AreYouKidden said:. I'd have to parse it, but eldritch aspect isn't required with that summoner build. Void aspect you get 3 flamestrikes on the drop, all at max damage with spell pierce. I still don't know if I would spend points on taste I'd.

By the time you finish off the mob, med full, 60s have passed and you ready for your next pull. It's extremely useful when running in a group of friends, as I'm not always being left behind standing still, or trying to meditate while they do damage. The overall damage is slightly lower, not much because I am always casting. With Fire, the damage you'd do would be far more than you need to trigger the extra mini FS on the armor, so having "too much" damage per cast, can actually affect your DPS a little, as opposed to being able to cast a little longer.

Anyhow - I enjoyed reading the builds! Ravenmark Neophyte. Wackaveli said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Facebook Twitter Email Link. Log in.Sign In with Account Center. Add everything up, and the sum is points. If your skill cap isthat leaves 72 points for Resist Spells or some other skill. But, note that the element of balance and sacrifice still exists in this framework.

Maybe you don't need as your goal. What would happen if you settled on ? Now the sum is If you wanted your Resist Spells, you could have it, with 6 points left over to go to one or two of the other skills. For example, 5 more in Parry and 1 more in Bushido would give an equivalent to Parry and to Bushido. I have not thought this system completely through. Threesomes exist, such as Ninjitsu, Hiding, and Stealth.

That's an expenditure of if you want to max them out under the current system maximum for Hiding is Perhaps Ninjitsu would be considered primary for Stealth, and Stealth would be primary for Hiding. Then Ninjitsu allows for 96 Stealth to act as Compared tothat is a savings of I don't know if that is the best way to handle it, I'm just sitting here in stream-of-consciousness. Maybe you'd only allow Stealth to be assisted, so the Hiding would still need its full points to max out. However it would work out, the Skills Gump would simplify things, by default showing assisted skill levels.

There would be a button, though, to toggle actual skill levels to see what was actually happening. For example, warriors have armour ignore, which can cut through armour, with a thrower, I can solo Stygian Dragon - a mage just cannot do any damage at all, the Dragons HP regeneration is faster than any damage I can do.

Putting protection on to pvm to deal with interuptions non stop is no fun, its like playing the game at half speed. Maybe for Scribe Mastery, they can add a Protection style skill, at max casting speed, and change some of the spells, so they are far more effective in pvm. Mind Blast and many others for example, are almost forgotten spells. So not only were mages spells not suitable for when AoS style elemental resists came out, the monsters got so much resists, they made all the spells pointless anyway.

For pvm, my 2 most effective templates are tamer and mystic mage. I won't go near a Sampire, I really would rather quit than be forced down this road, like it seems they have been trying to do to everyone. Every new player these days, is pointed straight down the "build a Sampire" path - it's tragic. I accept there will always be instances of one template is better than another template for a specific event or boss, if it happens here and there, that is fine.

My mage cannot come close. I cannot even solo the tier 2 pvm content most Peerlessand I'm stuck with tier 3 pvm content - Stygian Abyss mini champs. On the Roof, if you hit the boss with a spell, lots of additional mobs spawn, yet a pet or a warrior can hit it absolutely fine and penalty free - what is that about?

They have completely shut off the games top content from an entire class. There is a solid anti mage theme, as if the lead designer only plays a Sampire. I have written to her about this, and I've seen developers state they think the mage is balanced. It is unforgivable.

I'll stop now, you've hit a nerve. What winds me up, is they seem to have no intention of doing anything about it. So UO just gets more and more 1 dimensional.Sign In with Account Center.

Helping Traditional Templates PvM (PvE)

Sign In. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Recent Discussions Activity. Categories 7. BaneX2 Posts: 1. April in Skills and Stats. So through scouring the internet, its been hard to find a solid PVM Mage build. So through researching different opinions on a mage template, and looking through lists of possible gear from my own collection, what ive seen people wearing, arti lists, etc, I think ive devised an ultimate build.

UO Outlands - 3 Easy Money Making Templates for NEWBIES

I would like to get any opinions on the matter as I'm not an expert on this game. I don't know if anything is surplus, or if anything cancels out one another. Like if the lack of 5 eval intel in lue of 5 more resist spells makes a difference? Could I bump eval up to and lowering resist to 95 not really affect anything as far as resisting, and my damage would increase even further?

These are the things I haven't tested and am unsure of. Thanks for your time! InLor Posts: April As a caster you'll want to have max fc, which is 4. Bombur Posts: Merus Posts: Merus said:. Tiberius Posts: 4. June edited June If you get 45 resist from the suit, then why have resist spells at all?Log in Register. Search titles only.

PvM Templates

Search Filters. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Advanced search… Search. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Luthius Start date Sep 1, Luthius Developer Staff Member. Warrior Templates Soldier.

Drizzle Novice. I ended up going for spell resist since its pretty brutal to 1v1 any magic mob without it really, its a little less bad with resist spell pots but more often i would forget bout it and take a randy 40 damage flamestrike and panic lol. I think macing in general is better for this template since you can also use 1handed and the macing effect seemed to be a lil better personally.

If you're using this for more group play arms lore is probably just fine. Now this template was actually a lot more fun then what i initially thought it would be, and it seemed to be be surprisingly effective with melee skills too along with archery.

The AI mechanics really benefit melee stealthers cause they'll run and chase ya to where you hid, usually at the turn of a corner. For stealth archers, being able to attack from any distance is admittedly a lot less work and works probably even better as a whole lol.

Its kinda hard to calculate DPS when you 1 shot low end enemies, but i imagine it would be around Being able to 1 shot an imp tho? Great with Grinding weapons, xbow, macing, swords, short spear. My best to worst would be: Archery, Swords, Macing, Fencing for this.

Overall, fun and different. However i was kinda disappointed with how slow poison ticks, and how often it eats up a charge making it not really a worthy hassle compared to something like swords, where you can take something besides poisoning too. Personally I think poison is a bit underwhelming atm and would like to see it be increased in how often it ticks, or the damage being increased a bit, either way. I imagine this may change a bit with the Poison Aspect armor, but stand alone i think it's kinda on the weaker end, and its mostly because of poison not bein crazy good with melee skills atm.

I tested this with bone armor initially, and then plate armor.These orcs are PvM based builds to take advantage of Outlands unique skill line up. Crafted suits of armor may conform to a particular style, while characters who choose to build a suit from monster loot are more likely to select an item for the magical properties and resistances it offers, resulting in a mix of styles.

Home of UO Excelsior Freeshard. The Mage class is extremely versatile and can be played in a number of different ways. Taming has a reputation for being tedious and lengthy, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can use blade spirits by having magery alone, if you want to go that route. The majority of my money comes from playing this character which is inexpensive to start and becomes effective at gold Potions. No Bots, 1 Account. This character's only purpose would be to secure fishing rares.

Gone are really the days where everyone has skill and having a blast. This is not really an adequate way to look at best gold farming. Otherwise, I really like fencing or archery. Only down side is if you don't have the ability to get a pet slot deed or 0 slot ethy then you have to walk with it bc of the 5 slots it takes.

Here is a starter 70's suit that isn't too difficult. Can take some spreadsheets and math to maximize results or you can just kind of wing it and imbue resists onto the pieces to get to It can be accessed via the dedicated icon on top Players can use Outland Crystals to exchange for items in the Outland Shop which can be found in.

Looking to return and just check everything out. The UO Outlands community gets so many questions around which pirate templates are best, figured I would write up a quick post to help guide you on these decisions! Anything goes There are so many viable templates, that almost anything goes here. They function in a stand-alone manner. Uo outlands best pvm build.

Organize - Items, Resources, Loot. Takes barbed leather, horned leather, and cloth. Inside Outlands Podcast 1, views Potions. I have decided to build a fisherman character, but have had trouble finding information on the forums about what other skills to build around this.

We had some wins and some failures, but it worked well! You also limit yourself to a select few areas you can farm this way. Here at UOR we're able to have up to three accounts, which streamlines the process. Loop Assistant. With an infinite amount of monsters I can make roughly gp a minute. Outland Contest is a cross-server event for guilds. Can anyone summarize a few of the current PVP mage builds? So through scouring the internet, its been hard to find a solid PVM Mage build.

Contents Include.

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