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Thread starter rippers Start date Mar 23, Does anyone have this and could share some pics? The brochure describes the option as 'Multi-function display premium — four instrument cluster with colour TFT screen'.

Messages Vehicle T5 SE Not the best pictures in the world, so let me know if you want anything more detailed. Shots from each of the main screen selections Easyprint 3d manual Mark. Messages 1, Vehicle T5 SE Do the needle do the full sweep on start up as well?

One other question the brochure states 'four instrument cluster' do you have a pic of the whole cluster you could take for me please? I've selected this option and need to be prepared for justifying it to the missus. Hmm, no, no extra dials just Temp, Fuel, Revs and Speed. No instrument sweep on start up either.

vw t5 multifunction display

I'm assuming we're talking about the same "Upgrade", mines a model. I have borrowed vans in the past with the normal monochrome display. I've always come away thinking "I'm glad I have that", but I couldn't list why. The cluster looks no different to me, seems odd they mention the 'four instruments' in the brochure description I guess its something you spend a lot of time looking at so worth doing imo.

Again, I'm assuming they haven't changed anything in the year or so since mine rolled off the line. I've had a number of "Multi-function displays" in a variety of cars over the years, and whilst by no means perfect, I actually quite like the one in the Cali.

I have the enhanced Bluetooth and the Sat-Nav, but with the exception of a few minor niggles, it works quite well. Thanks I have the same options. Kirk VIP Member. You must log in or register to reply here. Our Partners. VIP Partners.Posted on January 04, The Volkswagen T5 runs from to There are two types of factory stereo's found in them:. This is usually found on the earlier models up to late It has four slots for key release. Some T5's have the single DIN with 2 key release slots and a pocket underneath it.

This was more commonly found on the T5. This stereo is secured by 4 screws behind the fascia panel. The factory stereo can actually turn on by the power switch for over an hour by pressing the standard standby button. The plug that goes into this switch is shown below. You can tap into this feed by using cut and crimp or scotchlock. Make sure everything is well insulated and tightly secured. Copyright Audio Tech Direct.

Site Information. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Sales Hotline Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm Fri 10am-2pm. Categories Head Units. There are two types of factory stereo's found in them: 1. Models up to were more commonly on ISO plug fitment. Models between and were on the Quadlock plug fitment.

We hope this right up helps some of you with installation. Connect With US.The number of the current memory on display will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of the display.

In the Settings menu, you can specify which of the MFD displays should be shown in the instrument cluster display. You can also change the units of measurement for the display. Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual. Tyre pressure Fig. Volkswagen Touran Service Manual. In this way, these tires can be allocated clearly. Manuals Touran O. Touran S. New Top Sitemap Search.

Other materials: Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual. The memory collects the travel and fuel consumption data from the moment the ignition is switched on until it is switched off.

If the journey is interrupted for more than two hours, the memory is automatically deleted. If the journey is continued within two hours of the ignition being switched off, the new values will be added to the existing trip recorder.

The memory collects journey data for any number of individual journeys up to a total of 19 hours and 59 minutes or 99 hours and 59 minutes journey time or If one of these maximum marks a is exceeded, the memory is automatically deleted and starts again at 0.

Driving time in hours h and minutes min that has elapsed since the ignition was switched on. The display will show dashes until this point. The displayed values will be updated approximately every 5 seconds.

Approximate calculation of the distance in km miles that can still be travelled with the current fuel level under the current driving conditions.

One factor used for calculating this figure is the current level of fuel consumption. The average speed will be shown after a distance of approximately metres has been travelled.The multifunction display, a compact information unit, is positioned directly in front of you on the dashboard for your convenience and safety.

It lets you see important information at a glance, without taking your attention from the road. Thanks to Active Info Display, you can enjoy the advantages of an instrument cluster with a high resolution colour display. With various information profiles, you can decide which specific data are displayed in the instrument cluster in addition to the usual gauges such as the rev counter, speedometer and odometer.

You can select this information profile quickly and easily using the optional multifunctional steering wheel: depending on your precise needs, you can access detailed Driving Data, for example, or show a visual display of your driver assistance systems.

vw mfd menu

This means the display area can be even better used, because you can also show additional data within the dials. In the Discover Navigation Infotainment system, you can decide whether you would like to see the navigation map in the Active Info Display, or have the classic view on the system display. With Discover Navigation Pro, both display options are available simultaneously. With various information profiles, you can decide which data is displayed in the instrument cluster in addition to the usual gauges, which include the revolution counter, speedometer and odometer.

For example, the entire infotainment screen can be used to display audio, telephone or navigation. The virtual cockpit can be tailored to each individual driver who uses the vehicle, and can be adjusted by using buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

The system can be used to display a large map, and the zoom function can be enable without having to use Discover Navigation Premium. The cockpit has 16 different settings to choose from, but it can also be run in Auto mode, which shows the relevant driving information depending on the person driving.

MK 7 Flat Bottom Steering Wheels

For more information watch our Active Info Display video. Dashboard displays. See exactly the information you want to see. Multifunction display The multifunction display, a compact information unit, is positioned directly in front of you on the dashboard for your convenience and safety. Active Info Display Thanks to Active Info Display, you can enjoy the advantages of an instrument cluster with a high resolution colour display.

Active Info Display Virtual Cockpit - New Polo SEL with optional New T-Roc Design with optional Golf GT with optional Book a test drive. Your browser is not supported. For the best experience, we recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version: Download Chrome Download Firefox Download Safari.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The media player does not have the "Car" button to allow a reset. There is no reset button fitted and there are no steering controls to access the "Car" settings. I have followed the previously posted settings but the latest software differs slightly from that posted.

Trying to reset the TPMS system using the latest software just tells me that a reset is not possible as there is a "Code Error" Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Please post an Auto-Scan so that people can see what control modules this vehicle is equipped with and how they are configured.

Lock-down of sick people: Quarantine Lock-down of healthy people: Tyranny. Dana liked this post. Below is the Auto Scan information for the car: Code:.

Last edited by Uwe; at AM. Reason: CODE tags. Sorry, I have tried this with the latest software and the results are the same. I have also verified my cable serial number so I am not sure what the problem is. When I go to the basic settings and "Reset tire pressure monitoring display warnings" it asks for a code and then all I get is an "Error" warning Kind regards. Using the basic setting is NOT the proper method to relearn the pressure. There are two different locations for the TPMS button.

Have you checked the glovebox? Last edited by Sebastian; at AM. Sebastian Ross-Tech. Originally Posted by Sebastian. The simplest of all solutions, read the fine manual. The owners manual checked with your specific VIN via vw-bordbuch.

The menu in the cluster is described here Originally Posted by skizauchensee. Thanks Guys, We have the multi-function display but as mentioned there is no reset button for this on the instrument panel, media radio traffic button instead of car buttonsteering wheel or glove box.

Regards Nigel. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Tags for this Thread vw t6 tpms reset. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Ross-Tech is not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group in any way.Audi Concert car stereo system display pixel problem repairs:.

Why do the Audi speedometer LCD displays fail with pixel failure? DIY Pixel repair helps with pixel failure?

vw t5 multifunction display

Well the Audi speedo manufacturers have a few minurtes only to produce a complete Audi speedo with LCD dispay and silver ribbon cable. This Audi speedometer assembly design makes the contacts of the LCD display and the ribbon cable loose contact very fast, most cases in just a few years. How can we improve the quality of the Audi LCD displays and the ribbon cables?

Well if you assemble the LCD with the ribbon cable with pressure, no heat bonding, then the pixels of the Audi LCD display will work for an unlimited time. Dashboard LCD displays work on high temperature, so it is the best to avoid using the heat bonding procedure. Pixel repair DIY, or pixel fix by a professional? Home Page. Audi VW Seat. Opel Vauxhall. Alfa Romeo. John Deere. New Holland. Amplifier kits. Motor gears.

Contact us.

Automotive Electronics Specialists

The problem lies with the LCD that needs to be replaced to get the pixels back for good. Please find the pictures below of the LCD before and after replacement:. The unit on the picture above is just one example for the wide range of units these LCD's were used for.

Missing lines or coloumns, disappearing LCD pixels sometimes getting worse when warmed up.The Transporter was beaten only by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — not bad at all! In though, Volkswagen built on the success of the VW T5 and launched the VW T6, which is proving to be a favourable option for conversion too.

From the outside, the two look very similar, which often leaves people confused about what the difference is. Since Septemberall new vehicles sold must meet EU emissions standards. It also recirculates exhaust gases to reduce nitrogen oxide and has a Diesel Particle Filter to capture soot. The VW T6 is still available with a respectable 2. T6s can also come with regenerative brakes, which store energy normally lost during braking and reuse it to accelerate or to start, meaning you need less fuel to get going.

With the T6, VW made significant measures to reduce road and engine noise when compared to the T5. They also improved the gear transition on the T6 vs. T5, meaning smoother gear changes and a more refined, comfortable driving experience. The T6 model also benefits from Front Assistwhich uses a radar system to monitor the distance and relative speed of the traffic ahead, warning you when you get too close and even applying the brakes if needed to help avoid a crash.

vw t5 multifunction display

This works in conjunction with City Emergency Braking which the T6 also hasautomatically applying the brakes when the car senses a collision at speeds of under 18mph. On the T6 specifically on the Highline modelthe dash has some 21st-century perks. A 5-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, heated windscreen and automatic driving light control are all great additions for long drives and modern van life. But the T5 boasts some modern perks too, such as parking sensors, colour-coded bumpers, alloy wheels, DAB digital radio and leather multifunction steering wheel — all of which you get on the T6 too.

Despite minor variations between the two models, the T6 is more of a facelift than an update on the T5. Technically, the two are very similar. Both models have the same body and therefore, the internal and external dimensions are more or less the same. The image above shows one variation. So which model makes a better camper — the VW T5 or T6?

The T6 does have a more eco-friendly engine and added safety features, but it is the more expensive model. So from a conversion point of view, both make great campers with heaps of capacity and potential to realise your van life dreams.

Error: The account for basecampers needs to be reconnected. Due to recent Instagram platform changes this Instagram account needs to be reconnected in order to continue updating.

Tyre pressure loss indicator

Reconnect on plugin Settings page. By Base Campers April 29, Campervans. No Comments 9 0 0. VW T5 Camper. VW T6 Camper. Recent Posts. April 29, Double the Cosiness at Half the Price October 24, Glamping in a Campervan August 24, Base Campers on Facebook.

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